Tech Projects

In addition to conducting research, I have undertaken various projects to apply the technologies I've learned and explore other ideas that interst me

Autofocus Eyeglasses using Liquid Lenses

This device determines your prescription and acts as an eyeglass for various prescriptions while being in a small wearable form factor.

ML based Speech Aid (Brain Computer Interface)

This device measures electrical muscle activity to help paralyzed individuals talk without moving their muscles.

Stock Price Prediction using AI

The app uses Facebook Prophet and real-time Yahoo Finance data to enable accurate stock trend predictions.

Disease Detector

This web app can detect various diseases based on user input using Machine Learning.

Solar Tracker

This device uses 2 servos to allow for co-axial adjustment of solar panels. This allows for the most efficient light capture method

ML Based Pneumonia Detector

Chest X-ray scans can be used to detect whether a patient has pneumonia. This project uses an ML model to detect pneumonia.

Optimized Data Logger (3000 Datapoints/sec)

I devised a datalogger that allows fast recording of data from sensors. The device uses optimized code to take advantage of Serial communication on microcontrollers.

Arduino Voltage/Current Meter with SD Card Support

This device allows you to record current, voltage, and power values onto an SD card. Recorded data can be used to create useful graphs.