Community Service & Leadership

STEMY - Program Manager

As the program manager of a non-profit organization called STEMY (or STEM + Youth), I have been involved in designing and implementing a program to spark a scientific/mathematical curiosity amongst middle school students, teach them interesting math concepts that are not covered in school, and show them the real-world applicability of math. This experience has helped me grow as a leader and has taught me many valuable skills. I have gotten the opportunity to witness firsthand all the effort it takes to build an organization from the ground up. I have understood the value of teamwork and have seen the diversity of talents required to run an organization. I have seen the full breadth of activities that running an organization encompasses including applying for grants, obtaining funding, sending out flyers/advertisements, managing our website, coordinating meetings, collaborating with partners/professionals, assessing our programs’ progress and impact, etc. Most importantly, I have learned to communicate more effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds; even as a teenager, I have learned how to carry myself professionally and have mature and respectful discussions.