Hi I am Varun! 

I am a sophmore at the Georgia Institute of Technology and am passionate about Machine Learning, Data Science, Electronics and Research. Through my research I have built several devices to address societal issues which I hope will better the community. 

8th Grade: State Fair Presentation

3D printing at FirstBuild (local makerspace)

Prototype of Ultrasonic Aid

Final Protype of Ultrasonic Aid


About Me

I am an innovator and an engineer. I believe that the future of mankind is defined by how creative and innovative we are in solving everyday problems. Every entrepreneurial endeavor begins with an idea for an innovation... As an innovator, I am on a constant lookout for everyday problems that can be addressed using technology. I’ve come up with many novel ideas such as an ultrasonic visual aid and auto-focal eyeglass, and SpeakUp to help paralyzed speak, these efforts were nationally/ Internationally recognized. I am also an engineer, an executor, better known as someone who gets the work done. I pay close attention to details and execution. 

My focus area is to find technological solutions to the everyday problems of society. I enjoy computer programming and I believe there is no limit to what programming can accomplish. I enjoy the challenge of having to constantly think in unique and clever ways to accomplish a given task. Over the years, I have learned a few programming skills like Google Cloud platform, Scikit Learn, Keras, Tensor flow, Matlab, C++, Python, JAVA, HTML, CSS, and Linux. I have always been incredibly passionate about using my programming skills to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Despite my basic nerd-like personality, I believe you will find me pretty personable, easy-going, and funny. Always being the optimist, I never give up the opportunity to crack "hilarious" jokes or make someone laugh. I’m always looking for new experiences and trying new things so if you’d ever want to go bowling, play tennis, or introduce me to your favorite pastime I would be down to hang out.